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The spinal column is made up of 26 bones called vertebrae. These vertebrae are responsible for protecting the spinal cord, allowing us to stand upright and bend over. Currently there are several problems that can alter this structure.


    • Currently there are a large number of surgical techniques to attend to different injuries, such as:


      This technique is used to treat herniated discs. This operation is based on reaching the nerve root and the herniated disc through the space between the laminae of the vertebrae, in order to decompress the nerve roots.


      This spinal operation is used to treat herniated discs. Which consists of the extraction of herniated disc material without breaking the vertebral bone.


      This type of back surgery, a discectomy is performed where the incision and surgical manipulation is much less.


      This spinal surgery consists of the extraction of the entire lamina of a vertebra, to later decompress the nerve root and the spinal cord. This spinal surgery is used in cases of spinal stenosis and herniated disc.

      Inter-spinal devices

      This device consists in the implantation of a device between the spinous processes of the vertebrae through a small incision in the back, in order to prevent the patient from pain when walking, sitting, bending forward, etc. This type of surgery is not as aggressive than traditional surgery and has various benefits, such as: less blood loss, quick recovery, shorter spinal surgery, so it can be recommended to patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.


      This back surgery consists of several fixed vertebrae through a graft of metal plates or bone between the vertebrae, this type of spinal surgery is recommended in cases of spondylolisthesis or scoliosis.


      This spinal surgery consists of injecting a solution known as chemopapain into the disc, in order to treat herniated discs. This chemical eliminates the nucleus pulposus and greatly reduces the compression of the disc on the nerve root, eliminating the substances that cause inflammation.

      Minimally invasive surgeries

      Scalpel cuts are avoided or reduced in this surgical procedure.

      Back pain orthopedist guadalajara

      Lisa Starborn

    • X-ray of the spine in guadalajara

      X-ray of the spine

      Dr. Esteban Castro

      The spine is the support of our body; holding the weight of our head, limbs. When injuries occur due to congenital malformations, accidents or diseases, you can become a candidate for spinal surgery. But first, it is important to know the first symptoms of these injuries, such as:

      Low back pain

      This injury stimulates an acute pain in the lumbar area, it can be due to an accident, the constant load of heavy equipment, sports injuries, poor posture, among others.


      This injury causes a tingling or numbness effect that is shown in different parts of the body, but especially in the hands, arms, feet and legs.


      This injury shows some resistance in the extremities when bending, stretching or twisting; Usually this symptom occurs upon waking or after a long period without moving and is relieved while the muscle is being exercised.


      This is a chronic-degenerative disorder that causes a great wear of the cartilage that diminishes all the joints and that can lead to damage to the bone system due to friction between them.


      This injury is shown when there is a sprain or strain of the joints, which can be accompanied by tearing of ligaments or muscle fibers.


      As a result of blows, forces, accidents or tractions of great intensity causing a bone or cartilage breakdown, overcoming the resistance and elasticity of the bones.


      This injury shows up when a bone pops out of your joint.

      Hernias discales

      This injury occurs when there is a displacement of the intervertebral discs towards the nerve root, causing it to press and cause quite intense pain.

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc Dr. Esteban Castro Contreras - Traumatologist and Orthopedist

Spinal injuries

Spinal Injuries - Traumatologist and Orthopedist

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