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Orthopedic traumatologist specialist in knee surgery in Guadalajara


The knee joint is made up of bone, ligaments, cartilage and fluids, all this with the help of muscles and tendons help there to be a movement in this joint. When there is some type of fracture in any of these structures, it is when problems appear, causing intense pain and difficulty when walking. These types of problems can occur at any age, interfering with a wide variety of activities.

Knee Surgery Specialist

    • The injuries and diseases in the knee, can appear in different parts, as it could be; In the bone, in the cartilage, in the ligaments or in several areas at the same time. These types of injuries can seriously interfere with our daily lives, so it is important to heal the injury before it reaches further. Currently there are a variety of options when it comes to knee surgery, here are some of them:


      This type of knee surgery is based on the replacement of damaged parts in the knee, this is one of the most common operations to treat problems such as arthritis, a disorder caused by the wear of cartilage and bone. During this knee surgery the knee joint is exchanged for an implant, regularly made of metal and plastic, thus greatly improving the mobility of the joint.

      Knee arthroscopy

      In this type of method, the inside of the knee is observed, in order to detect problems and solve them. This type of method is widely used when there is a damaged ligament or cartilage.

      Reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)

      The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is located in the center of the knee and is in charge of controlling its stability. If this ligament is injured, it can cause ongoing pain and instability, which is healed through rehabilitation or tissue replacement.


      This type of knee surgery is used to align a sprained knee, alleviate wear and tear on a joint, or even relieve the weight of an overloaded knee. This surgical treatment consists of making certain strategic cuts in the bone of the same.


      This knee surgery is used to join a fractured bone, using surgical nails, medical screws, among others.

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      Knee arthroscopy

      Dr. Esteban Castro
    • Knee injury

      Knee injury

      Dr. Esteban Castro

      The knee is made up of bone, cartilage, and fluid. For there to be movement in the knee joint, it needs the support of muscles and tendons that make this possible. When any of these parts is injured, it can cause pain and difficulty walking.

      Knee problems are increasingly common and can occur at any age. The disease of the knees that is very common today is arthritis, this is when the cartilage of the knee is worn down and gradually produces great pain and inflammation.

      A pain of this type can become very annoying for those who suffer from it, which is why it is highly recommended that this discomfort be treated as soon as possible.

Knee injury

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Knee Injury - Traumatologist and Orthopedist

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